Data Acquisition System Get MD60, he will tell you all …

Data Acquisition System


Get upgraded its data acquisition system by offering a next-generation processor. The new GPS unit Stopwatch MD60 offers the same functionality as in the past but with a 5 Hz technology for transmitting information 5 times per second instead of once.

The system reserved for major teams is becoming more democratic to seduce track racers of all kinds. Thanks to its GPS, M60 shows with great accuracy your actual speed, the number of hours used to plan the interviews, the time “clock” and the best times are also visible.

Data Acquisition System

Without using a relay or a tag on the edge of the runway, the M60 Get records and analyzes your data. Recovered from a USB key (included) it will do more than put them on your computer to access the following information: time, time “ideal” which is simply the addition of the best partial, the speed, engine speed, the trajectory (via GPS), acceleration and the layout of the circuit.

  • Lap times.
  • Best time or partial.
  • Hour meter.
  • 2 LEDs for: best lap, battery level.
  • Time.
  • Lap “ideal” by the addition of the best partial.
  • Speed.
  • Path on PC.
  • PC acceleration braking.
  • Circuit layout on a PC.

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