A Grizzly can hide another: Test the range of quad Yamaha [Part 2]



Our second part of the record Grizzly takes us this time of displacement more virile.550 and 700 cc ATVs from Bruisers in Yamaha passing gear to increase their side of seduction … As without power steering the 550 is heavy, as if so equipped it shows easy and enjoyable.

Filling the range between 450 and 700, the Grizzly is most attractive shows. Offering a comfortable, it seems to be the ideal compromise mixing agility and character…

The least we can say is that the 558 cc electronic fuel injection has the breath without being difficult to control. Attractive, the cylinder does not know what are the jerks and puts you in jumping obstacle with ease without appearing to do too much and seem unworkable.

Smooth, the carton appears almost player (without being able to compete with the sports versions) and provides even more desire to play the trigger especially since it has enough cash.

Borrowing from the chassis of its big brother the 700, 550 is difficult to fault and not at my level: a real treat! The suspensions have not been forgotten with a double-arm front and rear fully independent elements playing the role brilliantly.


Comfort is of the same ilk with a saddle super friendly, orders that fall well in hands and an ultra flexible transmission.

From the two-wheeler to four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with locking front differential to get out of all situations, the Grizzly 550 goes everywhere without forcing.

Relying on the power steering EPS course changes are so incisive without being uncomfortable or too brutal and the simple act of turning around or maneuver on site becomes a real pleasure doing forget its weight. Accessible to all, the 550 is a “largeā€ quad with a tender heart which can quickly become a favorite of … heart.

Comfortable, usable and easy, the Grizzly 550 is a quad that you can enjoy a leisurely walk or a good time to his handlebars. Rich engine attractive he can count on an easy front end, an electronic power steering (EPS) to spare on long trips. As for the independent suspension, they take their role seriously and help make this a quad machine at ease regardless of the field.

A Grizzly can hide another: Test the range of quad Yamaha [Part 1]

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