A Grizzly can hide another: Test the range of quad Yamaha [Part 1]



The very recent arrival of version 300 does not mean to forget the rest of the range Grizzly. From 350 to 700 via 450 or 550 we met with these quads fighters at a faster decision- contact …

T he round-up begins naturally by the three and a half 4×4. With a template model, the quad opts for more ease than pleasure. Friendly, the 4×4 is to be effective and practical with its racks front and rear (can transbahuter 120 pounds) that will appeal to those who definitely want a machine that can work every day.

Its 348 cc single-cylinder is an extremely flexible which will quickly become boring if you ask him to think outside the box. Do not believe as long as it is reluctant to take you on a ride … far from it. It will instead be happy but without much passion!

The upside of this four-stroke is to be accessible to everyone in all situations and all times, giving him a cushy side utility difficult to forget.


The way the dwarf Fort Boyard, the little Grizzly can count on his four-wheel drive to get him out of a tight spot. Quick and easy the passage from 2 4-wheel drive is via an electric control to get out of the sloughs and other difficulties that seem absolutely not impress the Yam ‘ .
Once a more favorable it will be appreciated transmission fluid, the saddle fairly soft or suspensions enough to go on a hike on the weekend.

With a 1984 mm gauge (1895 mm against the new Grizzly 300) the 4×4 would have given the impression to slip easily, is not counting on a front a bit too heavy for my taste curbing his impulses industrialization in the homelands … a shame because he knows cannot stay the course!

We will not judge the braking and endurance due to the proposed playground at these contacts (same for the second part of the subject) does not allow us to make us a clear idea of their capabilities.

With his style “Cheerleader” the 350 4×4 is primarily a utility worker who will everywhere without any difficulty. Stable enough to ignore the land on slopes it was conciliatory, but also a bit clumsy when the bullies a little. Easily accessible, too maybe if we are to believe in his mill bland character, this Grizzly increases from hand to hand to the delight of the whole family.

A Grizzly can hide another: Test the range of quad Yamaha [Part 2]

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