6 Concept Bikes to Blow Your Mind

Concept-BikesThe future of motorcycles is a bright one and below is a list of five incredible concept motorcycles which may or may not make it to the show room floor.

  1. The ParaMoto Trike concept from designer Zvezdan Nedeljkovic combines his three loves, which are flying, motorcycles and designing. The culmination of the three loves is a bike that can operate as a scooter while traveling through town and a motorized paraglider when it is time to go flying. This concept could become a favorite amongst ultra-light fans around the world.
  2. Hyundai is throwing their hat into the ring with the new Concept bike known as the Cyril Huze. The bike is comprised of materials which contract and stretch like human muscles, so steering controls are not required. Since the body loosens up when cornering in an effort to handle curves better and stiffens on straight away stretches, the Cyril Huze will most likely end up on the racing circuit in the future.
  3. The Trimove is a futuristic concept bike from designer Mohammad Ghezel and is one of the concept bikes likely to be available in the future. Unlike traditional three-wheel bikes, the Trimove incorporates two wheels placed very closely together in the front and one in the back. The design and innovation make this concept bike very appealing with its hubless wheels and compact body.
  4. Hyundai’s Aebulle concept is being dubbed as a concept car more than a bike because of how it is operated. The word “Aebulle” is Korean for cocoon and the Aebulle lives up to its name because the rider is enclosed in a cocoon of sorts. With a shell around the rider, they are protected from the elements and still have the maneuverability of a bike.
  5. One of the coolest concept bikes to be unveiled is the Dyke Bike designed by Imran Othman. With only one wheel the Dyke Bike defies gravity by drawing air in through the front section of the bike and amplifying it by several orders of magnitude times. With its innovative design and lithium battery power, the Dyke Bike is sure to have few who can rival it.
  6. Madella Simone is the designer of a new concept which was based on the 1934 Peugeot 515. Unlike its predecessor, the new Peugeot is powered by a lithium battery and uses a sphere to connect the front wheel to the forks. The sphere is designed to allow the owner to change the wheel base of the motorcycle.

If one is lucky enough to purchase one of these new road machines, make sure to purchase great motorcycle insurance. Unlike earlier models, the new concept bikes are moving away from fossil fuels such as diesel. The excellent fuel economy may qualify you for one the many possible motorcycle insurance discounts available from many carriers.

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