Suzuki Sfv 650 Gladius – Review

Suzuki Sfv 650 Gladius


With the SFV 650 Gladius Suzuki once again offers a strong character beginner motorcycle sizzles with V2 engine at a moderate price.

The former SV 650 celebrates a vengeance ! The Gladius impresses with its successful concept, the beginner is not overwhelmed and yet to convince even the experienced biker knows.

All such earlier?

The drive of the gladius would occur friends of the late well-known SV.

Of course, the 645 cc two-cylinder was too large in view of the stricter regulations developed, yet, the revised twin feels now in the lower and mid-range to full-bodied and potent. In addition to the maximum output of 53 kW / 72 hp, which is min at 8,400 rev / available, especially pleased because the pulling power of the maximum torque of 64 Nm at 6,400 trips.

Suzuki Sfv 650 Gladius

GETTING no boredom on the Gladius. Even just above the idling speed of the eight-valve engine pulls hard on the chain to the needle of the rev counter to strongly push towards the beginning of the red zone at 10,500 trips. Suzuki would be the displacement of 800 cubic meters, this would hardly anyone questioned. In short, the engine combines all the endearing qualities of a hearty V2 and he sounds even more like it.

The sonorous rumble of thunder, which emanates from the exhaust pipe is swung wildly, the sound engineers turned out particularly well.

The hervorlugende under a chrome exhaust cover blends with the modern styling of the machine which would build a steel tube frame.

The front and rear suspension, however, are conventionally interpreted: telescopic fork and swingarm box quite enough to ready to ride the curb weight of 205 kilograms to move confidently. The average consumption of about five liters of premium gasoline can be considered moderate. In combination with the only 14.5-gallon tank so distances are possible for approximately 280 kilometers. Are acceptable from the liability insurance costs, for example, with AXA is € 99.06.

The tank in the volume may seem minimalist, contemporary tall will appreciate the contrast, but the knees are quite high due to the underlying resting in anyway like with the edge of the fuel tank conflict.

Basically, the Gladius has also its seat height of 78 centimeters, very compact. This also brings with it an enormous agility: Playful allows the Suzuki conduct through the country. Small side streets are their preferred area. For the long holiday trip for two but there are better companions. But that was in the memorable case of the SV 650, which may be proud of her successor. The reserves namely the concept of agile handling and lively engine bearish. Moreover, Japanese is now available with ABS. The two-cylinder fun starts at 7199 €.

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