Spidi Defender back testing Back & Chest generation 2: The Slim-Fast effective

Spidi Defender


To appeal, OEMs competing to offer technical back even more discreet, still thinner without diminishing their performance … this is the promise of the new Defender Back & Evo. We tested the second generation proposed by Spidi .

The backbone is increasingly democratized and even starts to become a device that has its own place in the closet biker lambda and that’s good …

Extending his office as his predecessor to the thorax, the second vintage of Italian was allowed to undergo treatment Slim-Fast in the state of the art to try to be forgotten in a jacket or under a Combard .

So promise kept?

Side gives its measurements is rather impressive. Posting a ridiculously low weight of 708 grams (checked with the thoracic part and 504 grams for the backbone only) for a measured thickness of 2.4 cm, the Defender B & C’s second name is intended protective.

Proudly wearing their 1621-2 level 2 certification for the back part of your anatomy, but also a level 1 (1621-3) to your breastbone, it is enough to make the competition blush, most often in flesh and in the this case is far from being a quality!


CONVEYORS AND AIR-piece construction

Unlike what is generally practiced by others, Spidi declines its B & C in a single size that will fit your body via the settings on your shoulders and hips.

Protecting bikers 1m 65 to 1m 90 (the majority of customers), the solution adopted by the manufacturer is acceptable. Once in place, protection suits my 80 meter properly covering the area back , the neck to the tailbone. One can regret that it does not cover enough shoulder blades that not only keep them safe in case of fall but also to increase the dispersion of the wave impact.

We appreciate the perfect maintenance at the sternum helped by protecting chest and the settings scratch well made, placed at the clavicles.

The side of the belt buckles, even if it is credible and plays his part well, I would have preferred to see larger thereby increasing its lumbar support …

Obvious to solve it only takes one person to be fit for your body. To put it only has to be clipped one of four pressures (handle gently pull the pain of the whole after some manipulations) and wear your belt. That’s it.

Both the front as the back, Spidi has not forgotten to include effective air conveyors, decorated with many holes in back. Too bad the chest has only two …

Very delicate

Aided by its thickness as sandwich station, the backbone seamlessly integrates into a racing jacket, jacket or Combard urban fashion Saturday Night Fever. And even if no joint is to the credit protection, the B & C and snap swivel will act to follow every movement of the driver.

Without obstructing the movement of the helmet , the Spider lets you bust open both laterally as from front to back and within a maximum of comfort. Pleasant, light, fine, well-ventilated, the new Defender Back & Evo knows how to be a valuable ally on road and track. Relying on real qualities as a good maintenance or threading a quick and easy, however it shows signs of weakness on the side of its attachments or a small lack of protection of the shoulder blades …

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