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No doubt part of the comfort of the motorcycle is provided largely by a good suspension system, but we really know how it works? So this week we’ll talk about everything related to the suspension system of the motorcycle.

The suspension system is a set of elements placed between the axles and the chassis of the motorcycle, which are responsible for providing comfort to the motorcycle and vehicle stability.

Breaks caused by potholes and other road irregularities smoothed must come to the frame without the wheels cease to retain their grip on the pavement, as a wheel in the air, even if you for a short time, it is clear the danger for the stability and control of the machine.


The main suspension components are:

  • Forks.
  • Telescopes.
  • Oscillating arm or scissors.
  • Dampers.
  • Tires.
  • These elements are placed between the front and rear of the
  • motorcycle, why are divided into front and rear suspension.

I. Front Suspension.

Is composed of the following items.

Fork: Contains the middle between the front wheel suspension and chassis.

  • The Telescopes: Slow down the length of the coil spring when the spring is extended after being compressed, the telescope is resisting this.
  • The Front: The primary function of the wheel is to transmit engine power as rotational motion.

II. Rear Suspension.

For motorcycle rear suspension damping is widely used, Scissors type Swing Arm, where the swing arm is equipped with shock absorbers mounted between the chassis and the swingarm.

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