Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja – Review



The little Ninja has lost over the predecessor equal to ten kilograms in weight – that provides noticeably better handling.

For 25 years now with Kawasaki makes the Ninja series of racetrack feeling that athletes have not only green super-hard fans with cult status.

At the same time, however, fades – standing still is going backwards – not as fast as the bay of a sport bike. Therefore, the ZX-6R has undergone a major overhaul, which is reflected for example in a subtly modified fairing; the ninja can now act more aggressively.

Real athletes like the ZX-6R Kawasaki’s look at their weight – but for the most recently evolved of the Japanese super sports bike was stripped down like never before.

Anorexia? Engine and chassis have been searched thoroughly revised and ways to reduce weight, which adds up the bottom line on the said twenty pounds – almost one in sporting circles outrageous value. There are now exactly 191 kg, with those of 94 kW / 128 hp strong engine has an easy game. Reached its maximum power at 14,000 rpm / min. Is still added to the Ram Air effect, helps with the dynamic pressure of the air stream to the line four cylinders like a small turbocharger on the jumps, the power is growing at around 99 kW / 134 hp.

Significant values that say but little about the bearish force of a maximum torque of 67 Nm at 11 800 r / min, which is dealing with the sixteen-valve engine of his work. The ninja does the sovereign, so you can scroll through 30 zones in sixth gear without the engine would swallow it. And even highway speed to 6,000 rpm, the Kawasaki shakes off the cuff – that provides stress-free ride even under the “green zone”. Starts again on the tachometer at 8,000 rpm and does not end until around 16,500.

It is here that unlocks the true potential of the nuclei as well as greedy Japanese woman, which should preferably be done on a racetrack.

There must of course be expected with increased consumption, which in everyday use, even with the occasional spurt deposits can hardly drive more than six liters.

The 17-liter steel tanks enough therefore for 280-kilometer stage. Most impressed with the little Ninja that significantly improved handling. This was achieved by including the short exhaust back to its rightful place alongside immigrant, which centralizes mass, while the more steep standing motor was shot just around the output shaft and the front lifted.

Thus, the focus of the unit is 16 millimeters and the steering head pipe 10 millimeters higher. The result: lighter steering response and improved by those curves. It was also one of kava as standard, adjustable steering damper as well as donated – for the first time in a production motorcycle – a BPF.

The abbreviation itself conceals a front fork with a particularly large damper piston, which promises to start the Einfedervorgangs better control. Even worse asphalt thus loses a good part of his terror. Really fun but makes the ZX-6R at a good background in solo and without baggage can be stowed in any case difficult.

Loaded so they can play to their talents purist perfect, it provides for precise handling race feeling, while the potent engine hurries through the green zone. Mind you only if the driver wants.

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