Honda Vision Test 110

Honda Vision Test 110


After the PCX , the first scooter to be equipped with a Stop & Start meeting a great success in France – our Hexagon has even become the first market of this model, Honda back on the front of the stage with a displacement scooter “bastard”.

Honda Vision Test 110

While still an exotic 110cc since the majority of scooters are 125 cc, this is not the first time the world’s leading launch such a product in France. Remember the Lead. However, as one might suspect this product is not specifically the French buyer but rather a global customer base resulting in a double name: Vision for France and NSC for the rest of the market, understand thus: Standard Switch New.

Not safely, we can say that the Vision is the entry level scooter if you do not take into account of course the 50cc. But what is it? Response with a walk of about forty kilometers in eastern Paris.

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