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Honda Hornet


The two-agent class is already enriched for over ten years by the Honda Hornet 600th. The naked bike was allowed to temporarily decorate even with the title “best-selling motorcycle in Europe.” For the last season the 600 was manufactured in Italy moderately revised. Eye, especially the fresh fall colors available from the Japanese € 8690.

There was no change in the confident look of the machine. Italian designers were instrumental in the formation of the current variant, which can be read by others on the momentum of the four exhaust manifolds. While the look is reminiscent of the 1970s, the construction of the mass centralization is in favor of better handling.

The exhaust gases are routed first through a left below the engine-mounted collectors; turn right before they escape from the short exhaust – with quite grainy sound. Takes its origin in the sound of 599-cc four-cylinder engine developing 75 kW min / 102 hp at 12,000 rev / min and a maximum torque of 64 Nm at 10,500 U / provides. Here one notices the unit to thoroughly that it parallel to drive the Honda CBR 600 RR has been developed.

Even if the vote for the Hornets, especially on a stronger torque at low to medium range and faster acceleration was aligned, the sporting genes are noticeable. Provide speeds of up to five digits in the far field, the first at 5,000 rev / min lively expectant hornet no problems. On the contrary: Even beyond tours of 10,000 and up in the beginning at 13,000 rpm red zone moves in the proper up to 230 km / h fast Hornet.

Honda Hornet

Nevertheless, the Honda dominated the art of switching lazy driving. So you have the choice whether three courses on the outskirts downshifting or casual accelerated in the large gear, without having to agonize over the fed via injection engine. Then again, the consumption is kept within limits which is on average 5.9 liters of regular gasoline, which, in combination with the 19-gallon tank of stages over 300 kilometers.

For various current model years, Honda was mainly visual improvements. Besides the new design of the cockpit instruments are specifically here the changed colors of metallic parts such as fork, frame and swingarm in the eye – and the expanded color palette, which now comes in four varieties. As a particularly successful one can call the white version – also because “Cool White Pearl” can additionally with contrasting stripes on the tank bench and score the side of the headlight. New talents were also given the chassis. The suspension can now adjust the front and rear, which makes the two-person business or holiday trips with luggage. However, it should be independent from the application rely on an ABS, even if it costs 750 euros extra.

More than ten years after their debut, the Hornet to remain a fixture among the sporty naked bike. Although it tends to its aggressive styling in the area of Street Fighter, it is essentially an all-rounder but with meaningful everyday talent.

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