Aprilia NA 850 Mana – Review



The 850cc and 75 horsepower machine has a seven-and electrically-controlled automatic.

While the automatic in the car already part of everyday life, it has always been true in motorcycle corresponding advances, which have prevailed, but barely. Motorcycle ride off together and is easy for bikers. Automatic it’s just something for Aprilia scooters. Even scooter producer – has been with the NA 850 Mana a motorcycle on the wheels, even die-hard opponents among the automatic two-wheeler riders can at least bring to brood.


850 cc and 55 kW / 75 hp at first sound once more sober. But as the 90-degree-V2 provides its services over the seven-and electrically-controlled automatic on the street, impressed. No noticeable draft diverter mana storms ahead. A large airbox, ignition and exhaust paths and sophisticated measuring 38 mm throttle bodies provide powerful thrust and more than 76 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm.

Aprilia has developed a sophisticated automatic. It offers three different speed levels plus adds the ability to switch sequentially. Three modes that enable different speeds can be selected for the gear change, are the drivers. They are accessed by pushing a button on the right handlebar. Between them can be switched back and forth while driving.

Aprilia recommends as a successful compromise the touring mode.

Among the ranks a bit more reserved appealing rain mode, it is the sports program with more bite. Manifests itself mainly acoustic but because in objectively noticeable added to forward thrust.


Like the hour of sports program suggests, however, give the driver when the automatic pass the course and choose the option of manual shifting. The gear stages can be inserted according to personal taste at the request of two buttons on the left bar end or via a foot pedal.

Between the two options can always switch back and forth to. Incorrect gear selection, the technique uses a corrective. Can be fed safely, for example in fourth gear stage to the red light, since the transmission downshifts automatically.

In practice, the average graduation actually proves to be the best. It provides more than adequate performance and is touring with the term poorly characterized.

The temperament of the Mana is so or quite sporty, although the model Aprilia classifies as a tourer. An automated system can be used as an argument comfort as you stroll along the country road or on long trips but now sell even better. A downshift by hand or foot in all the way, is also automatic programs easily at any time to brake as the engine more or to get more speed for overtaking.

Just turn up not going.

The seating position is well done and exudes even a whiff Supermoto.

The driver takes longer than 80 centimeters in height to the machine room. So the mana captivates by bringing the steering maneuver. There is also very good braking performance. While the primary is driven by a belt, comes with the power transmission to the rear wheel a classic chain used.

But not only has the automatic raised Aprilia 850 out from the crowd.

The tank is beneath the seatand is filled via a pipe under the passenger seat, because this is not a front Patz. The clever designers have Aprila there a lighted helmet specialist housed, including the socket. It’s under a cover to be opened electronically to the dummy fuel tank. So much thought yet also enjoy the daily benefits are likely only scooter riders. A hand brake also prevents unintended rolling away on sloping sites.

Advised unusual feature is the arrangement of the strut, which is offset not central, but slightly to the left.

Conclusion: The Aprilia NA 850 Mana is simply a straightforward bike, which proves that even with the fun does not have an automatic stay on the trails.

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