Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Year 2009

Kawasaki ZZR


She stands before me in the sun in shining Kawa Metallic Diablo Black. Absolutely horny appearance, I think. Creepy scary my others. It is just like anything else, always quick two camps.

The American sales designation ZX-14 R Ninja is the most powerful of all time. By Kawasaki Europe commissioned strategists predicted for this designation in Europe horrific visions and declining sales.

Therefore, the ZX-14 R has received the official designation Europe ZZR 1400th I think the model designation Ninja ZX-14 R alone by itself is already a selling point of potential customers.

Yeah thats all – just take a deep breath when turning into the highway exit. Reaching 300 is not every day you drive. A very special experience. The third dimension is dissolving; the world is a straight line. The tunnel vision focused on the horizon the truck. Or is it two? And the rear is really right? Now just do not stress. Three seconds later you hiss with good 200 km / h excess shadowy past obstacles.

You need space for 300. To start with the ZZR does not even have a great deal. More important is space forward to the part in the emergency runterzubremsen from 300 to 80 if the truck but attaches to the elephant race, although in the rearview mirror glare of the headlights of the battery Kawasaki ZZR lights 1400th 300 are not fun, it’s not for hotheads. Here it is important to keep a cool head. The BMW 7 Series, the jostling is just stuck in traffic, seconds later, only a pitiful speck in the rearview mirror. There are other dimensions. Absolute dominance is sheer force.

At least, this pace on the ZZR be enjoyed relatively relaxed. Since nothing wobbles, as the proposed link does not even begin, even without a steering damper. With the precision of an arrow cut through the high-speed bullet to the atmosphere. This keeps the stress in check. One has to be deep behind the original flat – plate duck to escape the raging hurricane. At high speeds the panel developed a completely laminar air flow.

The hurricane raging around some how only one. A trip from sports screen shields the other hand, at high speeds, very neat, but it produces a little more wind noise than the original and additional wind turbulence for Sozias.

Who cares so much about for a motorized machine, which it takes is about 300 km more to secure the excess power to superiority to absolute sovereignty, can only give a hint as to numbers and values. Lush gives 203 hp Kawasaki. With ram-air effect. Without the wind from the front, at least 193 horses gallop. The 10-hp bonus is due to the technology now used in many motorcycles of the Ram Air system.

How it feels on the road?
Even from the bottom of surprisingly strong. The engine is not nearly as gentle on the throttle, like the predecessor model by up to 2007, operates in the lower and medium engine speed range no more “tame”. ZZR 1400 with the spoils of a very direct throttle response.

GETTING in contrast its predecessor back to the familiar-feeling Kawa, This rugged, aggressive nature of other models. Also, the “clunk” when shifting into first gear and sometimes a little hard switching operations are typical Kawasaki. In the two balancing shafts reduce engine vibration extremely successful.

The seating position makes a good compromise between comfort and sportiness. It sits relaxed, great pilots, however, must live with a sporty and sharp knee angle.

So you glide with effortless transmission through the countryside, can the enormous boost that promise the data, only guess. From the cruising out of 3000 U / min in the Sixth happens when accelerating even more clearly than in a middle-class motorcycle in the best rpm range.

The meaty sounding engine makes at idle already aware of his enormous potential. As at 2000 rpm Torque 98 Nm considerable available, relaxed driving is easy.

For comparison, the hammer-strong Ducati 848 EVO with 140 hp has a maximum torque of 98 Nm at 9750 tours.

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