Fixiteasy – The Innovative Plaques And Vignettes Mount For Motorcycles

Mount For Motorcycles


Approved by Federal Ministry and vehicle-friendly and ASFINAG available in all tobacconists in Austria and at selected motorcycle and motorcycle accessory dealers.

Nothing works without a sticker. Who on Austria’s roads with a motorized vehicle traffic in the wrong, who must by law adhere to date (ascending), § 57a-inspection sticker and the motorway vignette. The second option also applies to non-Austrians because if they go on Austro-highways.

Motorcycles are no exception. In motorized two-wheeler requires the maximum design feature special care when (added) sticking one hand needs to be a component of bepickte that one can not detach easily remain stuck on the other hand, the sticker also. It’s meticulous rules (see below) and limit the possibilities of gluing, for example: apply fork stanchions, frames not, however, mirrors, foot pegs, package carrier, crash bars or open bars.

Is a sticker stuck once and then it gets sticky: If you remove the sticker it is not easy to get the glue residue Lord. Anyone who uses violence with a wire brush, scraper, scrapers or solvents, does the carrier material – be it plastic, metal or paint – use force. The result is not only beautiful but it may also require reducing the value of the vehicle and / or (expensive) repairs.

Mount For Motorcycles

With the RD FixItEasy offers trading company is an antidote: a vehicle-friendly, according BMVIT approved (as part of the sixth amendment PBStV) and ASFINAG .

Disposable holder for the Austrian inspection sticker in accordance with § 57a and the Austrian motorway toll sticker for mounting on wheeled motor vehicles.

FixItEasy is a cast of one piece plastic mounting plate using the patented toothed, underlaid with optional silicone plastic tape on a fork-tube: is fixed (ø-min. 80 mm). Dismantled FixItEasy is easy: using pliers or a sharp tool.

FixItEasy is currently available in two versions: pennant-shaped for the Austrian § 57a inspection sticker, rectangular, for the Austrian motorway vignette. A third version will be presented at the “Creative Exhibition” in Salzburg as an absolute novelty in the market beginning of September 2011 for the first time.

Available FixItEasy is now available at all tobacco shops in Austria and at selected motorcycle and motorcycle accessory dealers. Indicative price: € 9,90.

FixItEasy for Austria § 57a-checking badge (pennant shaped):

Material / color / adhesive area size:

Kunststoff/schwarz/5, 4 cm x 8.9 cm.
From one piece molded, disposable cap, non-transferable.

Mounting location:
Fork tube only front right, according to the rule: “The inspection sticker must be affixed in Motor Vehicles Act 1967 on the rolling stock that the year and month of the prescribed next periodic inspection of the vehicle by one each in the associated fields of the plaque affixed whole mark clearly visible. Furthermore, the inspection sticker must be attached externally to the vehicle so that its lowest point located not less than 40 cm and its highest point not more than 190 cm above the ground. “If this is not possible to apply the phrase “In a difficult tool with removable component of the vehicle.”

Mount For Motorcycles

FixItEasy is due to the disposable closure according to the written confirmation of the BMVIT (Federal Ministry of Transport and Technology) on 31.12.2009 as a fixed component associated with the vehicle was in the 6th PBStV – Season Start 2011 novella was published in the Federal Gazette as well.

FixItEasy for the Austrian motorway toll sticker (rectangular):
Material / color / adhesive area size:
Plastic / black / 6.9 cm x 8.9 cm
From one piece molded, disposable cap, non-transferable
Mounting location:
Fork tube, only forward.
Specification of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH:
“The holder may be removable from the vehicle only on a hard, fixed component of the vehicle mounted.” Package carrier, crash bars, handlebars, footrests (just to name a few) are not allowed. The bracket may be mounted on the fork outer tube.

In compliance with this mounting location corresponds to the mounting toll of the currently valid order and in March 2011 in the version of the V4 by ASFINAG Service GmbH a toll-compliant confirmed in writing in accordance with Item 7th

Installation instructions:
Mounting plate to create the respective component. Then the serrated strap through the buckle and lash down until it stops. On length for example pinch off a pair of pliers. Especially on smooth surfaces provides a rubberized silicone pad for secure grip.

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