Vest RXR Strongflex: protection of air bags

Vest RXR Strongflex


RXF offers a new generation of protections announced as absorbing 9-10 times more energy compared to the traditional protections.

The technology takes Strong Flex ASA (Air Shock Absorber) pioneered by the brand four years ago.

Air cushions with new patented internal chambers more compact architecture in a unique compressed impact : at that moment becomes rigid protection while absorbing impact and shock waves without the deadlock as long on comfort.

Program, integrated ventilation system original and flexibility but also new valve type “Schrab”, a French leader in that team model Strong Flex and confers resistance to the system in case of impact if we believe RXR.

To keep in mind

  • Air Cushion Technology ASA with compact front and rear
  • Foamed lining
  • Siding styrene-butadiene
  • Ventilation front
  • Inflation pump
  • Weight 900 grams
  • Vest approved by the FFM
  • Sizes: L and XL
  • Colors: black or white
  • Price: 229 euros
  • Graphic kit 59 euros

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