Ledra: bag leather Harley Davidson Dyna

bag leather Harley Davidson Dyna

Ledra specializing in the world of custom, has a new bag side. Thoughts to find their place on the Harley Davidson Dyna, the leather bags are available either in single (which can be fixed either right or left) or to increase your carrying capacity, in double version.

A larger volume but the board certainly good visual balance is not negligible. To make the transplant is successful you will primarily invest in one or two (sold individually) media bag made price 39.90 euros public.

bag leather Harley Davidson Dyna

The important thing is that

  • Leather bag requiring support to be attached to the Dyna
  • Plastic closure concealed by the flap of the bag
  • Measurements in mm: 330 x 220 x 190 x 150
  • Price: 159.90 euros. Double price: 299.90 euros