UDV and DVR introduce new form of motorcycle training

motorcycle training


The accident research, the insurer (UDV) and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) have developed in a joint safety campaign, a new form of training for motorcycle riders: the “Motorcycle safety training on the road.”

Unlike traditional safety training on closed courses, this training takes place in real traffic. The motorcycle riders learn during a joint tour with dangerous situations to deal better. “The goal is to newly learned directly in real traffic to implement and consolidate the learning content with it,” said Kay Schulte, Speaker Young drivers / drivers in the DVR.

Each workout begins with a compact unit theory, the instructors in the course of the road and characteristics of the route, potential hazards, speed limits, and explain the riding in a group and discuss with the participants.

Before the tour warm-up speed restrictions and balance exercises are down. then it goes on the road to see and be seen among others. A motorcycle rider in the classic black outfit on a dark machine and his colleague in conspicuous clothing with brightly painted bike show in the joint driving past the group, which bring in safety signal colors. It’s also about driving in the group, overtaking, cornering, road conditions, potential road damage and dangerous sections, right speed, safety by ABS and more.

motorcycle training

The pauses are used to discuss traffic signs and rules together. The goal of the trainer is to clarify the meaning of rules and inspire the driver for the necessary responsibility when driving. Proper riding gear is also an issue, as well as the technical condition of the motorcycle. A study by the UDV most motorcycle accidents happen to other road users at intersections. Defensive, anticipatory driving is therefore a special component of the training. The training group discussed the possible errors of other road users, analyzed all traffic situations with high risk and trains the right behaviors.

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