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With sometimes more than 500 € can be known suppliers pay their top sports helmets expensive. Is it worth the investment? Nine Racing Helmets in the PS test.

Expensive helmets are now a fairly large market. In just the past two years, bringing with AGV, Shoei and Arai three producers top models beyond the 500-euro mark to market. If these precious shells worth the money, or should Racer Hobby their money better invest in a better helmet? Finally, were entertained by the rest of the budget a pair of boots, a racing fairing or buy a new set of tires.

PS wanted to know and invited all producers to send their best racing helmet in the race. BMW, Marushin, Schuberth, Shark, and Uvex X-Lite did. HJC said due to the large price difference of the test field of 239 € (Marushin) to 769 € (Arai) from.


To meet all demands, split ended PS, the test procedure into three parts, which were brought together at the end to a conclusion: The first part tested two GSX-R-750 drivers, the helmets for two days on the track, in the second part of a Kawasaki Z 1000, the road grades determined. The test pilots evaluated every helmet in the categories fit / comfort, aerodynamics, acoustics, ventilation, visibility, weight and handling. In parallel, the TUV Rheinland in the third part of a new model each test candidates tested for its shock absorption values.

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