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Tour Suits


“Multistrada” or “GS” – so hot for touring motorcycles and breadth of Botany and Asphaltirrgarten. Fits to advanced from twelve areas / streets in the South of France suits to their versatility to the test.

We all have the same dream. We, the travel enduro riders in the world. Dream to reach every corner of the world on their own two wheels do not let us limit of cemented routes. No, with paved roads, we have nothing, because not all of us are hopping on one cylinder engine with light sticks and stones, the two-cylinder of us turn mainly with wide handlebars and upright seating even the crooked straight curve. We play with sand and mud, our knobby tires throwing gravel stones, but on the asphalt we sweep with 200 cases and all free iron away every pothole. Boundless freedom has only one problem: What do you draw on the best?

Just look good – although important – enough is not enough. Is it a serious off-road, we talk of physical exercise. So to turn stuff: Cross-boots, gloves and helmet; elastic textile pants and a stylish, airy shirt protectors to gag and a maximum of a thin jacket over it. When touring through mountain passes and highways, especially if it rains, does it naturally not particularly good. Brrr, cold! Actually, so would need two sets. But this is exactly our dilemma, because who goes on a journey with the Enduro, wants everything in his luggage but not necessarily place for everything.

In the Touring mode, we need to make a properly working air a la membrane Gore-Tex or Sympatex. These evaporate moisture out, but get no rain water to the skin. Increasing physical activity, however, what you ride through the grounds of the case, mutate such suits to unpleasant Schwitztuten in high summer temperatures, it is therefore intolerable. Simple ventilation slots then use little, if lower than a (trip) wind stopping membrane (as with Dainese trousers, Dane, Hein Gericke and Spidi). Typically, the garment manufacturers solve this problem now trying to obstruct a removable membrane that is embedded in the rule below the thermal chuck. This could result in their design, however, some weaknesses (zip leaky connection, additional seams, etc.). Mind you, the foreign material (usually abrasion-resistant nylon fabric) should be let through as much wind, the membrane is the ultimate bulwark against rain water. The trousers of Buse and hero in the rain refused to test their service. Perhaps only a snapshot, but such defects can ruin a motorcycle vacation thoroughly. Certainly not in the sense of the inventor, and such difficulties should tailor Enduro Tour of suits under control.

Tour Suits

Another problem: several layers can be moved more easily and reduce the driving comfort. Sporty designed suits are therefore composed of rather thin, close-fitting layers, which still offer enough flexibility to our pilots in the standing-down-or even no limit on jumps (Difi, hero, IXS). However, should things not go the expense of crash safety and a sufficient heat capacity, for involuntary contact with asphalt, we have touring enduro riders in road crashes unfortunately, mostly from higher speeds than in the field. And the faster, the cooler and the wind. In high summer is quite pleasant, but insufficient warm clothing holding out faster than you suspect to hypothermia (consequences: loss of concentration, tremors, spasms). Tip: Always use a light fleece pullover, a wind stopper vest or warm functional clothes, such as merino wool, in the luggage have – the so-called mid-layer to take a little storage space and are in extensive Enduro tours with large temperature fluctuations (especially in alpine terrain) terrific helpers .

Most of the tested fabric combinations deserve but as they already have high praise for not only a balancing act, but several of them possible through different directions. Also, if the weighting between Tour and Sport (see the individual reviews) precipitates of different size – almost all suits are good all trades, and recommend, therefore, not only in our enduro riders, but each tour driver, who like to have in summer airy ist.Kritik we go anyway: Although not a single protector is failed on the dynamometer, and the average shock attenuation values ​​are compared with tests in recent years, encouraging good, but problem is the positioning of the protectors. The sewn-in pockets of the manufacturers are often in the wrong place, so that is covered in the driving position just a part of the joint (for example Difi, Modeka). Or the protectors can easily slip (Dane, Macna, Modeka), generally dangerous when convenient, but compared to rigid leather and just-in-hands Labbe textiles. Simple remedy adjustable fixing straps, but few manufacturers offer solutions that are effective without pressing and pinching (as in IXS). And as a buyer, we wonder why at the hips and back pockets for CE protectors are often empty or only with soft, foam completely inept governors are filled (except for Spidi: at least on hips and CE-protectors).

But that’s enough bitching, and finally so again Positives: The variety of sizes and colors in the test mainly is exemplary. Long sizes for Schlackse, short sizes for Stocky, women will find it just as beyond-from-XL-Men. And contrary to conservative Tour riders who like to combine black with black, touring enduro riders appear to be relying much bolder a few color accents. Do not worry: Even very bright suits are not as susceptible to dirt, as many fear, especially as they confidently with in every drugstore, special outdoor hiking in washing machine detergents can. And after strenuous excursions should observe in order to obtain the optimal membrane function – “black carrier” neglect of convenience such “bathing day” ask. But no matter, whether black or colored, dirty (ground) or clean (Street), from the selection of the twelve tested “G / S” suits it should be easy, not only fashionable to find something suitable to wear. Here we go, we are in the far corner of the earth!

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