Motorcycle Jeans and engine

Jeans and engine


Jeans and motorcycle engine? I say, well of course! Of course, his motorcycle helmet and good gloves. Otherwise, I wear normal, sturdy shoes, a waterproof jacket and jeans and safely, preferably without disturbing protectors.

This and the rain suit in the helmet compartment, I feel adequately equipped to meet all requirements of my personal two-wheel everyday. I want to do this because I’m on the road only at low speeds in town. A full motorcycle gear I see this as absolutely of oversized.

Jeans and engine

When traveling, I usually use Textile Suits with membrane, less frequently, once a tour skin leather. However, there are tours, where a pair of pants should be enough for everything, because you have to travel with very little luggage. I was recently in Vietnam with a Motorbike rental way: almost 100 percent humidity, scorching sun and dusty gravel roads. My protectors jeans worked perfectly and there were also starting to dinner at a good figure. I find that special motorcycle jeans are a really good alternative.
Jeans and engine

I confess: I like to ride and often with jeans on the bike. This is convenient, comfortable and cool. For example, when I in the summer not too long way to go to work. Or when I go walking on Sunday morning with the Cruiser over the open country. But I also have to admit: I would not like to rush jeans. Therefore, I would rather prefer a complete suit, if I’m traveling with sports equipment or testing, as this is an increased risk of falling. Until now, this separation worked – mostly.

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