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It has tradition, this epic at the end of the season. The title, Autumn exit – or the day of truth. The main characters: seven long-term test bikes with all their strengths and weaknesses. The setting: the magnificent panorama of the Alps around Lake Garda. Action!

Some things are simply out of this world. About the following scenario: There comes a motley group of motorcycle riders in loose formation around the corner, the background provides the magnificent backdrop of snowy mountain peaks, while very far down the lake sparkles against the light. On a day of incredible views. We had frost and snow in early fall trips, we had continuous rain and land on. But this year, the test team for once, really lucky with the weather. With seven-time test motorcycles in the golden October in the magnificent scenery on and around Lake Garda. It was like in the movie.

The main characters (in order of mention): The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S and XT Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 Z, the Victory Hammer S and the Triumph Thunderbird, the Aprilia RSV4 R and the BMW S 1000 RR and the Kawasaki Z 1000 Two cruisers, two athletes, a big Enduro, Ducati’s newest crossover experiment and a naked bike – for nterhaltung should therefore be taken care of, especially as the Yamaha and Ducati take this story with their service term test fleet.

What is pending? Once a year, leaves the team MOTORCYCLE measurement equipment and scoring at home, start with the current endurance test machines for collective self-test. Cares neither power nor to motor vehicles, can be dress code dress code. The ultimate goal: To face once extensively and intensively with the test machine, they really know in a week to see how things are around them. Place of action in this as in the past year: the magnificent mountain scenery around the lake, which promises for the next three days, wonderful weather.


But that we have arrived in the movie. So rewind bias, the outskirts of Riva del Garda. Everyone is waiting for the Multistrada, but does not come. Why? Because their driver has not yet checked how the leaves start with electronics stuffed in Ducati. “Keyless go” is the magic word, so the boot process by pressing a button without the ignition key, by turning the key releases in the pocket access. Also works, if you know precisely just how. Namely that the clutch to start really completely permeates to the handlebar. If only a few millimeters is missing, nothing. But then the Red, Bologna finally a little late. One thousand kilometers are in service beginning on the display. Ducati has already been run the engine so that the tester from the start, they can already harder to take to the chest.

The XT 1200 Z has even already 10,000 km on the odometer when she comes out of Yamaha’s fleet in the long-term test fleet. MOTORCYCLE had sought an early summer is a time test machine, but unfortunately was only available now. Anyway, in any case it is now finally here and can provide for the next 40 000 km of their skills to the test.

An autumn exit should of course be for the duration of testers, the highlight of the year, tour guide Karsten Schwers has carefully worked out a route that has it all (see map page 39). The results of small and very small streets, saving themselves not gravel sections. Given a Victory Hammer S as one can be felt a little uneasy, as seen in the log book ever. About 17,000 miles they have on the clock and during all this time makes no bones about the fact that they are receptive to their 250cc rear roller for distractions of any kind is. Whether to avoid bumps along the tracks or when you try to freeze risers – it runs, as evidenced by many entries, slightly out of control.

The amazing thing: She resents virtually unknown. The flaws are mentioned, as the game in the drive train, the hard switching gear, which over time getting worse separating clutch, and subsequently untraceable idle. But unpack the verbal club that is in the logbooks is quite commonplace that hardly anyone does.

It is somewhat different with the great Thunderbird. She harvested about 28,000 km now consistently praised for its balanced performance, which is her in the face of 338 kilograms live weight and opulent appearance would not normally expect. But the very first meters to prove himself to the T-Bird-novices: Yes, even such a ship can move broadly neutral in its radius, without the man at the wheel needs supernatural powers. Here, the well-developed coastal road anyway.

But here we do not stay long. Those who failed in the face of spring-like temperatures and moderate traffic, namely, to leave the shores of Lake Garda, will relax while gorgeous, but much to miss. For example, the former mountain track, which is just up the hill behind Lime direction Voltino-winds and back down. Even more important: miss the turn in Gargnano (see map page 39), not to enter the world beyond the lakes Lago di Garda. Return joins in turn, always close to the road winds up the mountain.


Given the bold road layout quickly comes through the athletic ambition. Karsten in front of the Victory, as so often with full commitment. Sven Loll stuck unflinchingly with the T-Bird turn back, using every inch of road, she juggles razor-sharp distinction between the rock walls along. The first surprise: Rear Chandran bored no. Guest Tester Jochen, otherwise just move on its RSV Mille sports circles, it brings later in a nutshell: “It’s incredible what is going on with these things.” Because pack up their powerful engines untenrum as concrete workers, because they develop with their abundant tail-heavy weight distribution, grip. On the big arches, both of which must necessarily go well because of the low ground clearance, one should be in place. As well as on the cutting positioned above procedure on all parts.

Nevertheless: If this chunk as a challenge and not as burden is on the right track. And should still zero in on the more manageable T-Bird, before turning to the ultimate test for S Hammer. Largely neutral cornering, a finely continuous on the throttle, then powerful lospolternder Twin and ABS: This is a battleship that size pounds, with which one can grow. In particular, the ABS can pack less-experienced cruiser optimistic, while the Victory tab of the doubt rather occurs purely backward to slow down the load. The fork that is neither shiny nor with response to feedback, the powerful V2 for it with a liveliness that he trusts no one.

The Lake of Valestino comes into view. Or, rather, the mighty dam, which it owes its existence. A photo on the wall would be nice, but Lorenzo, the guardian of many, many cubic meters of concrete and more water can not listen to reason. “Impossibile!” He laughs mimes, the strangled, refers to its provisions. self can Karstens unsheathed wallet not move it. Also there is in Italy. We need to continue.

Up, into the world of the curves and the summit. Lago d’Idro, located about 1,000 meters high. From the bustle of the lake is nothing more to feel the coolness of the mountains does. In the village of narrow streets seem to lead Idro directly through the homes.

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