Victory Group buys brand new bike

brand new bike:


The American vehicle Polaris Group has announced that it has acquired the brand Indian Motorycles. To purchase prices and the objectives that we want to achieve with Indian, the Americans have not had any further information. Polaris motorcycle riders in Germany in particular with its brand Victory Cruiser known.

Compared with Harley-Davidson or Polaris Victory is a fairly small motorcycle manufacturers. Polaris CEO Scott Wine is conscious about working with the Indian purchase, especially at the image of its motorcycle production: “We are pleased to be part of the resurrection of a typical American brand, Indian built America’s first motorcycle, we are confident that.. We know our technology and our vision, the classic Indian motorcycle with the high quality and performance standards for which Polaris and Victory are successfully placed on the market. ”

Brakes: MINT nearly new condition! These look like they came on a new bike, and were removed immediately. Slight sign of use on brake pads and light scratches on the underside of the mounting bolt area, but otherwise perfect. Pads are not dry.

Crank: 53/42, 170mm arms. Original chainrings/bolts and self-extracting bolts. great shape overall. Some scratches but nothing too bad. Teeth on 42t ring are in great shape, 53t ring has some slightly worn teeth

Bottom bracket: measures 109mm long. Inscription says ” 70-P-120. Excellent condition. Looks like it’s hardly been used. Bearings/cups/races near perfect.

Rear Derailleur: Very good condition, some surface scratches. Pulleys are smooth, springs are strong, cage is straight.

Front derailleur: Braze-on. Mint Nearly new condition

Shifters: The famous “peanut butter spreader” levers! Great condition, some light surface scratches. Hardware looks new.

Brake levers: drilled. Lower section of levers are scratched up. Hoods are pliable and in good shape. One hood does have a cut near the bar mount and a 1mm long tear at the bottom of the lever.

Aero seat post: 27.2, 200mm long. Great shape. Minor cosmetic wear.

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